Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eamonn's Room

A month ago Eamonn stayed home sick from preschool. We spent some time drawing in his bedroom. Then recently I picked up the drawing and started painting it over the period of about a week, whenever I had a minute here or there. He was inspired to draw and paint the rug while I worked on mine and also added himself lying in the bed. He used a little set of watercolors I recently got him.


  1. Being a new dog owner, I think a dog would be a perfect addition! Maybe ( just maybe) when we visit (don't tell Eamonn-it will be late May) we may drive and bring the dog. I'm inclined too, so we will see. Your pictures tug at my heart,I am so there, seeing it all. Miss all of you esp Eamonn! XO Mary

  2. Thanks Mary! We miss you a lot and look forward to a visit from you soon!